Kim Rettig, M.Arch

Bellevue Clubhouse
Kim Rettig, M.Arch. Born and raised in the Northwest, Kim was active in community groups, music and athletics. Art became her passion during college at the U of W, while majoring in Environmental Design and Architecture. In addition to school, Bipolar Disorder enveloped Kims life. Art therapy became a coping skill. Creativity was a key ingredient in her completing graduate school at Texas A&M University in 1993. Kim and a colleague started the Gay & Lesbian Student Services at TAMU that same year. In 1996, Kim started to receive ECT to assist with the medication and therapy. In 2003, while working as an Intern Architect, Kims mental illness compromised her ability to remain employed. After cycling from Mania to Depression, Kim found HERO House NW in 2007! This would, also, become her last year of psychiatric hospitalization. Bellevue Clubhouse became a staple and an exit from isolation for Kim and a plethora of other members. Subsequently, she ceased ECT treatment in 2015! Then things drastically changed, as Kim started participating in the Clubhouse Transitional Employment Program, working part-time at Panera Bread. After 6 months, she entered Supported Employment and found herself even more confidently employed. Finally, in 2019, Kim worked Independently from Clubhouse at a Panera closer to her home. Utilizing Clubhouses resources, she was able to work part-time, while balancing mental health stability. Kim continues to dedicate herself to Bellevue Clubhouse and especially enjoys being creative. She just received a Copyright on her first book to be published called “Art in Mind”, which is a collection of 28 years of art therapy and prose. Her memory may be compromised, but her goals and inspiration remain the same! Thank you HEROHouseNW, as I am alive!
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